Create a Bible in One Night

Codex Gigas – or the Bible of the Devil is a parchment manuscript created at the beginning of century XIII and written in Latin. It was considered at his time like the “eighth wonder of the world” due to his impressive size (92 xs 50.5 xs 22 cm), his thickness of 624 pages and its weight of 75 kg. The work was born from the hand of a single monk, who also was grafista cotrack and, in the monastery of Podlažice (in Chrudim, center of the present Czech Republic), destroyed during the wars of religion in century XV. He is illuminated with inks red, blue, yellow, green and gold bread, as much in capital capital letters as in other pages, in which the miniature can occupy the complete page. The stylistic unit is in an excellent state of conservation and with which it was created. The Codex contains completes the version “Vulgata” of the Bible, with the exception of the Facts of the Apostles and the Apocalypse. Also it includes a series of encyclopedias, like the Etimologías de Isidoro of Seville, the Jewish Antiques of Flavio Josefo, the Chronica Boemorum (Chronic of the Czechs, written up in Latin in century XII) of Cosmas of the Prague and several treaties of history, etimología, physiology, besides an almanac with obituary and the list of the brothers of the monastery, magical formulas and other local news. The legend indicates that the author of Codex Gigas was condemned to being emparedado alive by a serious crime and, so that the pain was to him reduced, the monk proposed to create the work in a single night, for glory of its monastery. But, to fulfill his promise, it had to request aid to the devil. Once finished his work, the monk, like recognition, disimuladamente it disimuladamente included a picture of his “aid” in the manuscript.

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